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C2K Classic Schedule

C2K Classic Schedule

C2K Classic Event Locations

Lima Sr High School – LHS

1 Spartan Way, Lima Ohio

Court 1, Court 2, Court 3


Perry High School – PHS

2770 E Breese Rd, Lima Ohio

Court 4, Court 5, Court 6


Heritage Elementary - HES

816 College Ave, Lima Ohio

Court 7


Lima North Middle School – LNMS

1135 N West St

Court 8



Lima West Middle School – LWMS

503 N Cable Rd, Lima Ohio

Court 9


Lima South Middle School – LSMS

755 St Johns Ave, Lima Ohio

Court 10

Bradfield Community Center - BCC

550 S Collett St, Lima Ohio

Court 11






C2K Classic Rules


2019 C2K CLASSIC Tournament Rules

OHSAA Rules for game play with the following expectations:

Official stopped clock consisting of two 16-minute halves.

Clock will run the final 12 minutes of the game if the lead is 20 points or more. Clock will be stop again when the lead is BELOW 15 points.

3 timeouts will be permitted per game. 2–Full and 1–30 second timeout. Overtime will be one 2 minute period. 2nd OT is Sudden Death!
One timeout will be granted for overtime. No carryovers.


6 PERSONAL FOULS for disqualification.
3 minimum minute pre-game warm-up.
3 minute halftime.
*Games will begin no earlier than 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time. Both coaches must agree and all players must be present.
*A team will officially forfeit their game (20-0) if they are not on the assigned court within 5 minutes of the scheduled game time without proper notice or reason. Tournament director decision is final with regards to forfeit.
*Abusive language or poor conduct will NOT be tolerated. If a parent, fan, coach or player is exemplifying poor conduct they will simply be removed from the venue without warning and may not be allowed back during the remainder of the event. The tournament director’s decision is final with regards to any conduct issues.

For seeding purposes the following rules apply to all tie-breakers:

  1. Any two-way tie, head-to-head
  2. Any three-way tie:
  3. Point differential of games involving tied teams only.
  4. Differential value is assessed and ranked with a 20 point maximum.
  5. In the event two teams end with the same differential value refer to two-way tie.
  6. If three way ties still exist, coin flip.
  7. In 3 team pools Crossover Games do not count towards pool standings or seeding purposes. 



2019 C2K CLASSIC Tournament Guidelines

*Home team is listed first or on top and will wear white/light color jerseys.
*If a team does not have alternate color jerseys the court supervisor decision will be final with regards to home and away colors.
*Home team will sit to the left of the scorer’s table.
*Bench personnel is limited to registered coaches and players only.
*Only 1 coach will be permitted to stand at a time.
*Coaches must wear badges/bracelets to enter venue & while on the bench.
*Teams will be required to provide ONE scorekeeper each game.
*Everyone other than players will need a bracelet to get into any game.
*Team Players must wear uniforms or warm-ups for admission to games.
*Event teams, event coaches, fans and general public are strictly prohibited from entering a COLLEGE COACHES ONLY entrance, hospitality or seating area.

Tournament Director’s decision is final and without appeal. 


Under Armour Session #1

Zeb Jackson at Under Armour Session #1 in Chicago. Picture Courtesy of Under Armour Association

April 17, 2019 - This past weekend the 17U C2K Elite team competed in Under Armour Session #1 in Chicago. After four hard fought games with the average scoring margin being less than four points, C2K finished with a 3-1 record. "Anytime you can come into an UA Session and come out 3-1 against this elite competition you have to be extremely happy.  Our guys played as a team and competed at a really high level.  I am really excited for the next two Under Armour sessions!" said head coach Dave Clarke about his teams performance this weekend. The 17U team is in first place in the Atomix division standings after the first session. Josiah Fulcher (17 ppg) and Zeb Jackson (12.8 ppg) led the way in scoring over the weekend. Muhammed Njie protected the paint with four blocks in a 65-62 win over Texas Hard Work in the final game on Sunday while averaging six rebounds a game for the tournament. The 17U team will play April 26-28 in Kansas City at Under Armour Session #2.

UAA Schedule

Results from Under Armour Session I

More Than a Basketball Program

C2K Elite 17U giving back to community at the Hilliard Recreation Community Center in Columbus, Ohio

April 8, 2019 - Over this past weekend the C2K Elite U17 team spent their time giving back to the community. The team has spent time practicing at Hilliard Bradley High School to prepare for their tough grind on the Under Armour Circuit, so on Saturday the team picked up trash at the Hilliard Recreation Community Center in Columbus, Ohio, to show their appreciation. A quote from Zeb Jackson captures what it means to him to be apart of the C2K program, Jackson says, "C2K is more than just a basketball team. C2K works on the whole person, not just the basketball skills."

With their first tournament less than a week away, this act of benevolence demonstrates the values and mission of the C2K program in an intense time of the season. "C2K is an elite basketball program, but we want to show our players to be thankful for what they have, and to give back to the community that has helped them to much," said Dave Clarke, head coach of the U17 team.  

C2K Classic

Thank You Marathon Petroleum

Marathon Petroleum graciously donated money to the non-profit organization Commitment 2 Kids, Inc (C2K).  C2K believes that society is at its best when it begins to break down walls and replace them with bridges. Their programs are designed to bring together and build community among youth from all walks of life through their interests and avocations; further, they introduce them to mentors and opportunities in business and leadership, education and service, and help build them into tomorrow's leaders. C2K believes youth should experience HOPE for a bright future, regardless of circumstance!

C2K accomplishes this by attracting young men and women using basketball, volleyball, and track as its vehicle.  Obviously, many young boys and girls love to play sports and therefore interest is high.  C2K understands that if a concentrated marketing campaign was launched and simply requested young men and women to participate in a mentor-ship program, the turnout would be low.     

C2K attracts many young men and women from various walks of life.  Unfortunately, some of these young men and women come from challenging backgrounds with limited financial means and very little support.  This is where generous donations from companies like Marathon Petroleum are vital to the programs success and sustainability.  C2K President John Bean was overwhelmed with appreciation and expressed how Marathon’s generous donation will help young men and women with things like buying equipment, uniforms, and providing services to assist in mentoring young boys and girls. C2K would like to thank Marathon Petroleum for its donation!

Vegas U16

Qualified For Las Vegas!!!!

The 2018 AAU season came to an end for both the U16 and U17 teams in Las Vegas, NV this past weekend.  In only the second year of C2K Elite, both the U16 & U17 teams qualified for the UAA Final’s.   This is a huge accomplishment for a young organization and shows that the future is very bright.  The U17 which was lead by Andre Gordon and company finished in the around of 16.  The U16 finished in the elite 8 and was lead by Zeb Jackson, Luka Eller and many more. 

The U17 finished their AAU career with multiple players earning scholarship offers.  The U16 team had a strong showing on the UAA stage and was watched by a large amount of D1 coaches.  This group will take C2K Elite to the next level in the year to come. 

The 2018 AAU season was a huge success for our many teams.  In only year 2 we won championships, competed on a national level and most importantly, we helped player earn scholarship offers.   The C2K Elite future is bright and we are looking for future players!!!

C2K Elite

C2k Elite is the first ever Under Armour sponsored AAU basketball team in the State of Ohio. Our elite program has 15u, 16u, and 17u teams that compete nationally on the Under Armour Circuit. Playing for C2K Elite comes with many benefits as well. Playing for this program, you will be competing with and against not only the best athletes in the state, but in the nation. With the national Under Armour circuit schedule that C2K Elite takes part in, our teams face the toughest competition the country has to offer. 

With this great competition comes great exposure and learning experiences for our athletes. Here at C2K Elite our objective is to build a brand of excellence throughout Ohio and the midwest that will be a bridge to further success for all of our athletes. 

The Beginning

After  a successful stint as a coach in the King James AAU organization, Quincey Simpson (Coach Q) was approached by Under Armour in 2016 about becoming the state director and establishing a franchise in Ohio and the neighboring states.  As  Under Armour works through  non-profit corporations, Coach Q approached Commitment 2 Kids (C2K) about becoming the  sponsoring organization.  Knowing the success rate that Coach Q has had, on and off the court, Commitment 2 Kids agreed.  C2K currently sponsors three teams for young men: U15, U16 and U17.  We are looking to expand to include the women's circuit as soon as economically feasible.  

David Clarke

David Clarke

C2K Elite Coach

Phone: 2313571797

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